August 21, 2014

Hiatus (What's Next?)

Hey everyone, Bobafet22 here.

I've been away for quite a while as you can tell... There are plenty of good reasons as to why this is, and I assure you I'll be telling them all to you in good time. For now, stay tuned.

Happy Waddling!!!

October 2, 2013

Fluffy Crest Pin

Good 'marrow all ye penguin knights and fairies'. There be a new pin hidden around are kingdom, and I hear rumor that it's in my royal library.

If ye just click on the pin, ye'll be able to pick it up.

Click on "Yes" and the crest is yours.

Enjoy ye Medieval Party!

Happy Waddling!!!

Medieval Party 2013 - Complete Walkthrough

Yes I know that it's almost the end of the party, but I've just been so occupied lately, but I'm working on getting all this posting under control, and I'm going to start with a COMPLETE walkthrough of the Medieval Party!

When you first login, you'll see Gary in his Laboratory!

Just click on him to find out what's going on.

Once you get potion book from him, take off and go find the ingredients you need.

The Dock - Magic Berry

The Forest - Fairy Dust

The Plaza - Ogre Snot (EWWWWWWWWW)

The Cove - Dragon Scale

The Stadium - Lucky Horseshoe

Now that you have all the ingredients, you can start mixing potions.

Just toss the right ingredients into the cauldron.

Once you're done mixing the potions, you can transform into various things; even a dragon!

Just be careful, if you throw the wrong ingredient into the cauldron, you'll be transformed into a puffle chicken!

And you can look in the back of the spell book to see who it used to belong to.

Don't forget to pick up some cool medieval gear in the catalog in the lower right corner of your screen.

Let me know if ye need more help during the party.

Happy Waddling!!!

September 25, 2013

Medieval Home Pages & Login Screens

With the release of new parties come new home page ads, and login ads. Here they are.

Happy Waddling!!!

About Rockhopper's Key

I have a public support announcement from Polo Field!

"Hello Penguins!

Many of you probably already know where Rockhopper's Key can be found and have it. But we've been hearing some of our newer penguins were having troubles finding it while he was here...
We want to make sure that next time he visits, everyone knows where the key is and has it. So if you find a penguin that needs help finding it, don't hesitate to help! That's what community is all about right? (And we totally have the best community)
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team"

Happy Waddling!!!

Medieval Party - Don't Miss This!

"Hello Penguins!
The Medieval Party is in full swing! And here's a list of things you definitely won't want to miss!
  • Help Gary the Gadget Guy by mixing the potions in the Book of Potions
  • Visit all the party rooms to receive the Explorer Stamp
  • Meet Gary
  • Challenge a friend to a jousting match
  • Visit the Wizard Academy and take a class in potion concoction
The party is here until October 1st! 
Waddle on!
-Club Penguin Team"

Happy Waddling!!!

Blog Brainstorm - New Horizons Part 2

Hey everyone! I have a cool new message from Polo Field for you!

"Hello Penguins!

How's everyone enjoying the Medieval Party? I love turning my penguin into a puffle chicken when I pick the wrong potion. So fun!
We've heard from some of you recently that you want to see a "part 2" to the "New Horizons" behind-the-scenes video we made last year. A few of you asked why we haven't made another one. The answer is simple -- we only have time to make a few videos each month, and other videos we make tend to be more popular than our "behind the scenes" videos. However, we do know that some of you are really interested in these kind of videos, so we'd like to hear your thoughts....
It's time for a little blog brainstorm! If we were to make another "New Horizons" behind-the-scenes video, what would you like to see in it? We'd love to hear what would be most interesting to you. Do you prefer "New Horizons" or the "Behind the Scenes" video below? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment as a reply to this blog post!"

I can't wait for New Horizons Part 2! The first one was one of my all-time favorite videos!
Happy Waddling!!!

VIDEO: #WaddleOn - Find Your Voice

DOUBLE-SIZE MUSICAL EPISODE!  #WaddleOn Episode 10 shows two penguins as they struggle to find their voices!

WOW! That was a really cool video! Thanks CP!

Happy Waddling!!!

September 12, 2013

Ancient Potion Book?

This week's issue of The Club Penguin Times is about Rockhopper's return, and the mysterious potion book he brought with him.

Click on "GADSZOOKS" to finish the story.

Next is a message from Rockhopper.

Now for a little tip from Rockhopper himself about how to get in the Captain's Quarters.

Finally here are the Upcoming Events.

Happy Waddling!!!

Message From Dot 9・12・13

All EPF Agents, check your spy phone for a message from Dot!

"Agents, honing your skills is essential. Make sure you're practicing your Spy Drills. You can never be too prepared."

Happy Waddling!!!